Rakuy a Payaman
Iraya from Diura
Iraya from Mahatao
Chawa Mahatao
Vayang Basco
Chavayan Sabtang
Uyugan Batanes
Uyugan Batanes
Mount Iraya seen from Rakuh a Payaman, Uyugan


Batanes is the northernmost province of the Philippines. It is comprised of 10 islands with 3 inhabited – Itbayat, Batan, and Sabtang Islands. The islands feature distinct land formations of rolling hills.  The islands are surrounded by cliffs, coral reefs thriving in the seas where the Pacific Ocean and the West Philippine Sea join.

Batanes is actually nearer to Taiwan than mainland Luzon.  The northernmost island of Mavudis, is only 100 kilometers south of Orchid Island, Taiwan. The southernmost island of Sabtang is and 210 kilometers north of Luzon Island, Philippines.


The climate of Batanes is a temperate climate. The temperature is generally cooler by 10 degrees compared to Manila weather.  The temperature of Batanes ranges from 19 ~ 26 degrees Celsius in January to a high of 26 ~ 32 degrees in June to July period.  There are some cases in December to February where temperatures can sometimes dip to 16 degrees Celsius during the period where Siberian Winds affect the northern part of the Philippines.  Although this is not an everyday occurrence, it is best to come prepared with your sweaters when visiting Batanes.

How to Go Batanes

To go there, the most practical way is to go by plane.  Cebu Pacific Air and Skyjet have regular flights from Manila to Basco, the capital town.  Philippine Airlines has flights from Clark, Pampanga to Basco.

Where to Stay in Batanes

There are several places to stay in Basco.  If you want to stay in a traditional Ivatan house, you may opt to stay in the several homestays around the province.  We actually allow visitors to use our ancestral house in Basco – it’s called Novita House.

Package Tours in Batanes

Novita House can assist you find the right tour for you and your group.  You may get in touch with or for great value Batanes tour packages.  If you have questions, you may also chat with them directly at their official Facebook page — IvatanGuide.